Masha and the Bear Pizzeria - Make the best HAWAIIAN PIZZA and deliver it to Masha the Eskimo!

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Bear and Masha are cooking good pizza and opening a pizzeria! Make the best homemade HAWAIIAN PIZZA with Masha the Bear in kids cooking game and deliver it to Masha the Eskimo! These are Masha games!

Anybody ordered this good pizza? We deliver fresh, juicy pizza all around the world in 30 minutes, because it is Masha and the Bear, and they are opening their own pizzeria! Let’s play a pizzeria game! All the characters of the series Masha and the Bear cartoon can't wait to try it! Join Bear and Masha and play pizza maker games for kids!

What's inside?
- 9 hungry friends!
- 16 pizza recipes that Bear and Masha are cooking!
- 35 ingredients!

What do you need to do in Masha and Bear Games:
Take orders!
There are Margaritas, Pepperonis, Mexican pizzas, as well as 10 other varieties in our menu! We even have one with strawberries!

Make pizza in pizza maker game!
We'll flatten the dough, add some pepperonis, tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, olives, onions and other ingredients! Some pepper, a bit of salt - and there we go - the pizza is ready to meet the oven! Don't forget to grate some cheese on top to have a delicious brown crust! So many ingredients, recipes and combinations. This is a kids cooking game - where else will you see this? Let's make pizza in kitchen games for kids free!

Deliver orders with Masha Bear!
Play these Masha and the Bear cooking games and then deliver orders! We'll have to make it snappy to leave our every customer full and happy!
Pop into the pizza-car and off we go - delivering our culinary masterpiece while it's hot!
Don't worry about obstacles on the way! Masha and Bear will handle anything without dropping an olive!

At the end of the journey, what's left is to cut the pizza and say Bon appetit!

Masha's hands are full with orders so she won't make it without you! Download kitchen games for kids free: “Masha and the Bear Pizzeria Game! Pizza Maker Game”, put an apron on, get a rolling pin and make the best pizza on Earth in a kids cooking game! This is cooking for toddlers and kids, let’s play!

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